Pimp My Booty?

Me We, known for its super special gifts, created a new Love Gift Service called Pimp My Booty that is affiliated to our best seller: Gift Hipsters and Gift Boxers.  Pimp My Booty Gifts are not only romantic, fun and personal, but also 100 % made in Finland and made of ecological, comfortable and high quality bamboo -material.

 Easy, personal and nothing but good. This is perfect!

Who came up with this?

Well, Finnish women of course ;)

Behind Pimp My Booty and Me We you find two high-aiming ladies: a power-duo of Anu Hame and Katariina Lindsten, hello there!

Me We (est. 2011) is a Helsinki-based small company specialized in customized love gifts. The core idea is to offer special gifts that are usable, durable, lovable and emotionally significant. We want to provide the best gift service in town. Or in the internet.

High quality and customized Me We Beanies have delighted small and bigger clients from the year 2012 on. The magic of these gifts is in the combination of a product that is good in use, and has a meaningful message that brings the smile in your face. Gifts are tailor-made by hand.

What Me We?

The ideology behind Me We is an idea of alternative gifts that would bring a lot of joy to the receiver, giver and to the world. The thought of bringing the customer in to the production process felt crazy enough: we came up with a concept of individually personalized gifts. Personality and high quality would guarantee a long-lasting use and so they would multiply its ecological benefits.

Me We Gifts do good on an individual basis - with them you can tell love stories, belong to a group, celebrate friendships - and in bigger perspective - respect nature, human rights and all life in general.

Local production: this is crazy love from Finland! And we are proud of it. Nearly all of our products are produced in Finland, and we have some partners in our neighbor country Estonia, too. We know our chain of production, which we find very important if you want to operate socially, ecologically and ethically in transparent way.

We want to load nothing but GOOD to Me We and Pimp My Booty love gifts! We dare to give a 100 % satisfaction guarantee, even to the individually personalized gifts.

Why Hipsters (followed by Boxers)?

Our friend Timo was visiting our studio one day, and sighed sincerely "my girlfriend has a lovely booty. I would instantly buy underpants saying Lovely Booty if I would come across ones". Anu ja Katariina were thinking about the same thing: there can't be many women in the world who would not appreciate a gift with such a complement.

So we began to nurture a thought of a romantic and fun gift including high quality underwear and personal love messages. Product development started in winter 2014-2015 and few months later we had our ladies Gift Hipsters ready for testing. The Gift Hipsters were 100 % made in Finland and made of non-toxic high-quality bamboo -material.

We decided to test the idea in Facebook - and yes indeed, men appreciated the idea. Our printing machines were singing love messages to Gift Hipsters day and night.

During spring 2015 the sales very so impressive, that we understood that what we have in our hands is pure gold.

We started to plan a new kind of Love Gift Service and we named the project as Pimp My Booty. We launched the new service on the last day of January in 2016, and we hope that we can take this idea to abroad as well.

Pimp My Booty -gift is the 2.0 of text messages - easy to send and super to receive.